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Impressive skills in writing of different types of essays are vital for achieving academic success. An essay is the most common university, college and high school task; moreover, it is a part of various tests and applications. To be ready to accomplish any type of an essay, students need to have a clue what are the differences between those essays, what are their requirements and peculiarities. Sometimes, keywords of the assignment determine the type of an essay to write and sometimes you have to choose on your own. Anyway, instead of thinking “how can I do my essay”, it’s better to start with choosing a type of one.

Common Types of Essays We Can Do

It should be pointed out that the essay topic usually turns out to be the answer on how to do my essay question. Here is a list of most common types of essays. You should probably pick one of those unless you get special instructions for your task.

    • Descriptive essay.

Description of something or somebody is supposed. Some places, people, objects, etc., will do. All you have to do is to appeal to your reader’s emotions as it is the main purpose of this type of essays. The usage of small details, sophisticated emotionally colored words and illustrating a general image of the subject is recommended. However, you do not need to submit stream-of-consciousness work, so try to keep your essay organized.

    • Persuasive (argumentative) essay.

The goal of this type of paper is to convince your reader to accept your point of view – no matter you support the particular idea or oppose it. Your point of view is a keystone of the essay, but you must build it on facts and logic in order to make it sound reasoning. Include evidential support to every single paragraph of your essay.

    • Expository essay.

This essay involves investigating the idea, explanation and supporting of a particular issue. You should analyze the chosen topic and narrow it down to your statement. Expository essay is very similar to an argumentative essay in exploring and supporting the topic; however, the main task of the former is to use facts and evidence abstracted from your opinion. Scratching head over “how to do my essay” of this type, focus on facts as you have to show your viewpoint not to turn your reader to it.

    • Narrative essay.

This essay is the most personalized type of essay as it tells your reader a story, which is seen and felt through your eyes. Narrative essays suppose to describe some real-life situation. Telling a story, you must not forget to be organized and creative as you need to catch your reader’s attention without losing the train of thought. Even narrative essays should answer what I do my essay for question. You have to tell it with some purpose, so choose a point of view and stick with it.

These are the most common types of essays you may need to prepare. If you have any misunderstandings, questions or suggestions, feel free to contact our 24/7 support team to get any help you need.

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